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The Marian Pilgrimage

The Marian pilgrimage in Levoca marks the beginning of festivals that take place during the summer months throughout villages in Slovakia. As the beginning of July approaches, as many as 250,000 Catholics travel to this town to attend the biggest of Slovakia's Marian pilgrimages. This pilgrimage takes place in, and around, the church on Marianska hora, the sacred hill 2 km north of the town. Families, school groups, and the elderly travel from the surrounding regions to arrive in time for the first Mass, which takes place around 6 pm on Saturday evening. Hourly Masses are given in the church, with the grand finale of High Mass at 10am Sunday morning.


Marianska Hora
Marianska Hora  Levoca, Slovakia



Eldery travel toward Marianska

Resting on the way to the Marianska


Religous items being sold on way to Marianska


Elderly womans stops to pray


Two elderly Slovaks in traditional dress make their way to the Marianska.

This is a samp


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